How is home school socialization different from society?

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Socialization is a concept many people do not seem to understand or at the very least are confused about. Many adults feel that in order for children to be "normal" they must spend a great amount of time around other children of their own age. Though this may be partially true all this approach achieves is allowing your children to be primarily influenced by other children who are they themselves just as confused about life and their purpose in it. This method seems contrary to what the true purpose of socialization is in creating a strong community.

Instead of teaching children the correct way to conduct themselves in society to create a better community many parents send their children out to become like the rest of society which is not enhancing our community atmosphere in the slightest. The real purpose of socialization as stated on is to learn customs, attitudes, and values of a social group, community or culture. As children are still learning these customs, values, and attitudes they are in no way qualified to impress upon each other these values. The focus of socialization in a home school atmosphere and a public atmosphere are vastly different.

The focus of home school socialization is to impart the appropriate custom, attitudes, and values by example from older generations. Our focus, as I am part of the home schooling community, is to create a generation of adults who not only know how to interact and communicate clearly with their peers but will create a higher standard of society and community based on the correct guidance. Guidance that teaches children how to work hard, be patient, considerate, forgiving, understanding, and above all kind to others whether they deserve it or not. Adults who will not only understand their own generation but be able to understand, socialize, and sympathize with older and younger generations, the foundation of community.

When home schooled children are young they are continuously learning from older siblings and adults. As they grow older they become the one younger siblings are looking to for guidance thus they learn responsibility and consideration for others, which is not a value impressed upon by peers.

The most inaccurate perception about home school socialization is that it is isolating the child from the world. Though I can not say this is entirely untrue. It is not the priority of many home schooled families to keep their children isolated from other children. We understand more than others the importance in making sure our children have plenty of opportunities to interact with other children as we go out of our way to schedule such events as often as possible.

The main priority home schooling parents have in raising their children is the influence they allow around their children. The influence that is imparted on their children will be the influence they impart on others. As previously stated we are striving to create adults who will help create a stronger community and society by imparting the right values, customs, and attitudes learned from adults not other children who are still trying to understand themselves and the world around them.

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