Should you home school your children?

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Should you home school your children? It was a question we asked ourselves 9 years ago. Our three boys were attending public schools in a suburb of Dallas. At the time our oldest was in the 7th grade. Our two younger sons were still in elementary school. My husband and I sat down one night and really discussed the benefits of homeschooling compared to them staying in public schools.

One of our main concern was the overcrowding in the classrooms. Our oldest has ADD and was in classrooms with 35-40 students. His grades were slipping.He was having problems staying focused. The teachers did not have the resources or the time to be able to give him the attention he needed.

Another concern we had was the safety of the schools. We wanted our kids to feel safe when they were in school. It was hard to do that when you have to go through a metal detector as you enter the school. You had cops roaming around the school throughout the day. Their were violent fights between students. It just didn't seem like the best environment for a child to be in.

So we decided to home school. At the time we were new to it. We learned what the laws were in our state. It was pretty simple. We just had to write a letter to the school to let them know that we were going to home school our children. It had to state that we intended to follow the main curriculum courses.

We visited many used books stores and found books that would cover their curriculum. There was a lot of great material and was a lot cheaper than we expected. One of our favorite books for our younger boys was "Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills" by American Education Publishing. It covered Reading, Math , Writing, and English.

As our boys got older, we decided to do their curriculum online. Once they enter high school you want to make sure that the classes that they take will be accepted for college. There are many online schools that are accredited. The one we use is Epic Charter School. Most online schools will offer different types of curriculum to meet your child's needs. For instance, our oldest had to have a curriculum that was NCAA approved. He is now a Junior in college and had no problem with his transcripts. Most of the online schools out there do not charge. With the one that we use they provide laptops to the students to use while they are enrolled.

Should you home school your children? It is not for everyone but we absolutely love it. For at least 13 years of your child's life they will be in school for 9 months of the year, 8 hours per day, and another 2 hours of homework. That is a lot of stress and time wasted for your child. Our boys get their work done in 3-4 hours. They have time to spend exploring new things in person . For instance, going to a museum to learn about their state's history or see fossils from dinosaurs up close.

One of the main concerns we hear from parents on if they should home school their children is the social aspect. Our boys have had no problems making friends and meeting new people. There are many home school groups that you can join. We joined one so that they could play sports. A lot of these groups offer anything from basketball to swimming.

The home school community has grown so much in the past decade. The internet has made it much easier to find ways to be successful in homeschooling your child. We are confident that we made the correct decision when we decided to home school our children.

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